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Low-code, developer first platform

We bring the power of low-code to Microservices, enabling rapid creation of complex Eco-Systems including Data Mesh.

Image by Jefferson Santos

Accelerate Team Productivity

Whatever your engineering team 
needs, we have you covered, from
basic workflows, or cloud infrastructure 
to complex data eco-systems.


Igniting Developer Velocity

​We put developers at the centre of everything we do, providing low-code functionality without sacrificing 
developer control.

In-cloud or on-premise

Apps, APIs, and Workflows

Infrastructure as Low-Code

Eco-systems out of the box

Platform Features


Realtime Dashboards

Powerful, configurable, real-time dashboards providing insights and data around your complex enterprise eco-systems. Query your domain centric data streams from Kafka and surface directly in your dashboards or monitor the health and quality of your services and data to ensure you're on track for your target SLAs.

Mix & Match Development Tooling

Developers can choose which tools they use to build solutions on our platform. Create functionality using a variety of inputs, such as CLI tools, Code-First, Word, Alexa to stand up full Web Apps, Workflows, APIs or Cloud Infrastructure.


Data Mesh and Microservice
Low-Code Designers

Design and visualise your Microservice and Data Mesh architectures, including support for visual Model and Entity configuration, Cloud Infrastructure and more. Combine these techniques with 'code-first' to get full control and power over your enterprise solutions.




Bringing Low-Code to your DevOps Processes

It’s not all about apps and workflows! A huge part of software development is about building the infrastructure required to deploy and host our software and services.

This infrastructure, from simple, all the way through to complex, can be easily configured via Biild. This includes pre-configured recipes for deploying applications or even data pipelines in just a few clicks.

Business meeting

Idea to MVP

in days, not months

Get to Proof of Concept or Minimal 

Viable Product in record time leveraging our suite of developer tools and core platform functionality. We leveraged the platform ourselves to rapidly implement Data Mesh concepts.



and many more...

Team Meeting

Extensibility, Standards and Compliance

Biild has been developed with extensibility in mind. If you need to implement something new, that we don’t already provide out of the box, you can customise biild, with extension points available to hook into the various parts of the biild platform, including Developer Tooling and Code Generation.

Get a head start with

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