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The story so far

About Biild

We are a team of passionate developers, creatives and business professionals, leveraging technology and innovation to delight our clients & partners.

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Who we are, and where we came from

Our Story

Biild was initially created as an internal tool to support the needs of our engineering team at Wholeschool to rapidly respond to emerging opportunities and to quickly prototype, develop and scale our EdTech line of business applications. 

As the platform continued to grow and we socialised it with partners, we realised other companies were having similar challenges to our own, finding and recruiting developers, avoiding ‘reinventing the wheel’ across projects, and empowering non-technical staff to have more input into the lifecycle our of technical solutions. 

We began to think about how we could steer our platform development from an internal solution to a platform that could empower other companies and address some of the difficulties they were having in rapidly creating, deploying and supporting enterprise solutions. From there Biild, the platform, the brand and the company was born. 

We have now officially re-branded our company to Biild, with Wholeschool now sitting as a sectoral sub-brand focusing on the Education sector which you can read more about here along with some case studies around how Biild is being leveraged in other sectors. 


People, not robots

The culture within our company has always been around letting our staff grow and find their individual expertise and passion naturally and we believe our platform now empowers our team even more, reducing technical barrier to entry and enabling creativity and realisation of ideas; allowing us to cultivate and empower a truly multi-disciplinary team.  

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We're big on sharing 

If you would like to hear more about our journey so far and where we are going, please reach out.

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