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Welcome to low-code

Biild Platform

Biild empowers organisations to increase developer velocity. Rapidly build and deploy cloud native apps, services, workflows and infrastructure that run anywhere by leveraging low-code tooling and a wide range of 'building blocks' out of the box.

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Transform your organisation

With the Right Platform, Everything Is Possible

Our platform makes it easy to build everything from simple standalone applications through to rich, fully integrated eco-systems. Complex application functionality that would normally require substantial developer time, such as time-travelling data and AI/Machine Learning functionality, can be integrated into biild applications in a fraction of the time.

Developers (and citizen developers) can design, build, test, deploy and maintain applications with a range of tooling including a developer portal, comprehensive and powerful command line tooling, and apps can even be created from Word and Excel, opening up the power of the Biild platform to everyone.

Low code, developer first

Features that ignite developer velocity

Visual Designers


Powerful Workflows


DevOps Pipeline


App Marketplace


Privacy by Design


Developer Tooling

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Cloud Native


Code First




Get hyper-productive

Rapidly Create Service & Data Ecosystems 

At its heart Biild is about rapidly creating complex Microservices and Data Ecosystems. We provide the tooling to design, deploy and scale your solutions, including our journey towards Low-Code Application Platform for Data Mesh. Biild offers choice and flexibility in terms of how you define the technologies in your stack, providing out of the box support for a wide range of technologies and services and extensibility to plug in anything additional you might require.

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Business Process Automation

Powerful Visual Workflows

Our powerful workflow engine allows you to design workflows in code using the Workflow Builder API or use the Workflow Designer to design executable workflows visually. There are a wide range of activities and integrations available out of the box and its easy to add new activities or integrations as required.



Visually create your workflow



Connect up your data sets



Share your work with the rest of your team

Tools that work for you

Smart Developer Tooling

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Create a new workflow

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Biild enhances your development workflow by leveraging AI to make suggestions and recommendations as your define your eco-systems, data mesh products, workflows and apps.

Our developer tooling interoperates to provide a seamless experience as you craft enterprise solutions.

With extensibility being central to our platform with everything being easily pluggable or extendable, you can extend our developer tooling to suit the needs of your organisation.

Read more about extensibility here >

For the Developer

Low-code, not no-code

The Biild platform is low-code, not no code. This means we allow developers to mix these paradigm's, choosing whatever approach is best for any given task, for example create your app using no-code then layer in some complex business rules using code, or use pure code-first but allow us to write 90% of the code for you using our extensible AI powered code-generation engine.


This includes our powerful, easy to use DSL allowing creation of data driven services or ETL pipelines in a few simple lines of code.This provides developers more control over their applications than traditional no-code tools; making the Biild platform extremely agile.


Biild provides a unique framework which streamlines the development process, takes care of the mundane, and enables developers to focus on creating real value for their organisation.

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A platform that empowers
engineering teams to deliver real value for their clients 

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Go Low-Code with biild

Keep up to date with our Journey

Drop us a message to keep us to date with our exciting developments and get notified when we are opening up registration for Biild to new companies and future partners

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