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Biild has been implemented in a variety of settings, working with partner companies to bring solutions to the Education, Tourism, Sport, and Local Government sectors.


Case study : Wholeschool - empowering next generation educational applications.

Unlocking the power of your enterprise data

What is Data Mesh?


Through our EdTech sub-brand, Wholeschool, Biild provides a suite of line-of-business applications and services including School Improvement Planning, Curriculum Mapping, Pupil Benchmarking, Room & Asset Booking, along with a range of software and tools supporting Compliance within an Educational context. 

Pupil Benchmark was the most recent addition to our school improvement software, boasting real-time dashboards bringing your pupil data to life with stunning data visualisations, graphs, and analytics. Teachers can capture, tag, and upload evidence such as photos, videos, and written work to reflect the Learner's journey toward Benchmark. 

Wholeschool have extensive domain knowledge in the Education sector, having delivered a national contract for our School Improvement Planning software to all schools in Northern Ireland for over a decade. Every Principal in Northern Ireland has used our software in the last 12 months.


Read more about Wholeschool at >



Case Study: NIBFA - Real-time data sync & Integration workflows

Image by Omar Ram

Biild provides complex workflows and system integration to the Northern Ireland Youth Football Association. We ensure that all data in the Comet Sports Management System (fixtures, results, and tables) is made available to leagues via integration between Biild and the Wix platform. New data uploaded to the Comet system is automatically synced to the Biild platform, and with a bit of Biild magic, we make it available to the individual league websites.

wix black.jpg

Biild is required to interface via REST APIs into two systems; Comet and Wix. Authenticating and reading all required data from the Comet system, then staging the data into a Biild database. This approach allowed us to reduce the 'chattiness' to the Comet API. The data is then made available to the second system, Wix, either via direct push of the data from the Biild database into a Wix collection, or by allowing Wix to query the Biild database directly via Biild’s native support for External Data Adaptors - providing flexibility in terms of how content is served up to the Wix webpages. 

This workflow will now be rolled out to other Comet clients across many different countries. 

Biild was also used to quickly design a ‘Cup Draw’ system to facilitate the NIBFA Youth Soccer FA Cup Draw.


From receiving the requirements through to go-live (the day of the cup draw) was 2 working days. This included some relatively complex requirements (given the timeframe) that included support for draws against winners of a fixture in a previous round, and support for multiple draws to occur simultaneously. The power of the Biild Low-Code platform enabled us to deliver the system in record time, with a 'hard stop' with the draw live streamed at the end of the second working day, to all youth soccer players in Northern Ireland with no margin for error.

Want a demo? Just ask >


Case Study: Tourism NI - Managed Service, Consultancy & Digital Audits


The team at Biild are providing a multi-disciplinary resource for Tourism NI as part of a major managed service contract. Direct input from our team includes Management Consultancy and Account & Project Management. We leverage the Biild platform in-house to support the operational delivery of the service. 

In addition, we have also provided expertise and guidance to local tourism businesses through direct consultancy & digital audits. Our contracted multi-disciplinary external resources includes a wide range of mentoring disciplines from Digital Marketing through to Data Protection and Systems Integration Services.   

Image by Ralph (Ravi) Kayden

Local Government

Case Study: Causeway Coast & Glens Borough Council - Data Migration

Local Government

Biild were involved in a data migration project as part of a project for the Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council to migrate data from a legacy on-premise system to a modern web-based solution.  

This project required developing an ETL tool on the Biild platform to extract data from the source system, collate and migrate a large volume of digital assets, cleanse and format the data (including stripping any personally identifiable information) before finally importing into the target WordPress database. 

You can view and search the digital asset library here >

Image by Phil Aicken


Case Study: CLEAR Dementia app - Headless CMS & Rapid mobile development 

Image by Austin Distel
CLEAR Dementia Care©

Biild, under the Wholeschool brand, worked with the team at Sentireal to develop a ‘Headless CMS’ to support content authoring and delivery for the ‘CLEAR Dementia Care©’ mobile application. It was developed on behalf of the Northern Health and Social Care Trust Dementia Home Support Team. 


The solution leveraged WordPress for content curation, using plugins for visual editing; surfacing the curated content over REST APIs to be consumed by the native mobile application. 

Biild also developed a fully working ‘Proof of Context’ mobile application using the Biild platform demonstrating integration of the Rest APIs into a mobile application. 

Find out more about the CLEAR Dementia Care© App >

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